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The Meeting Specialist (Pty)ltd

The Meeting Specialist (Pty) Limited also known as TMS was established in 2017. We have over 30 years combined experience in facilitating shareholder meetings. We are a level 1 BBBEE enterprise.

Virtual Meeting Services

Has successfully passed an audit by the JSE and completed various other penetration tests successfully and meets the standards of businesses like Sun International, Naspers, Multi Choice, Old Mutual, Harmony Gold Mining and other listed and unlisted entities.

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The Meeting Specialist (Pty)Ltd

Our Mission & Vission

We give our clients a leading advantage we have developed solutions based on our industry expertise and capabilities, specifically in the Meeting Services field. We inspire pride by providing effective meeting management services whilst ensuring our clients commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance at shareholders meetings.

Electronic Shareholder voting on all levels

We aim to streamline shareholder voting by providing a reliable, secure, efficient and user-friendly, end-to-end technological solution.

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Years Combined Experience

News Feed: Virtual AGMs

Virtual platforms may improve stakeholder participation, but tweaking needed to achieve meaningful engagement.

Lockdown regulations brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic saw swift uptake of virtual platforms by the corporate world to ensure continued communication with key stakeholders, such as investors, employees and
the communities in which companies operate. But not all engagements have been equal. While financial services group Old Mutual has been singled out, along with mining company Sibanye-Stillwater, for its effective engagement with shareholders through their virtual annual general meetings (AGMs), some companies have failed at this task.

The quality of virtual AGMs has varied. Financial services group Old Mutual’s AGM, in May last year, was one of the best as well as being the first fully virtual AGM, says nonprofit shareholder activism and responsible investment organisation Just Share executive director Tracey Davies. “This goes to show that it is not all about learning curves and getting to grips with the technicalities. If you apply your mind to creating a good experience for your stakeholders, it is relatively easy to get right,” she adds. “Amid the pandemic, Old Mutual has tried as far as possible to keep the lines of communication open between the company and its stakeholders…

TMS Electronic Voting Services.

An electronic voting solution for shareholder meetings

TMS Meeting Services

A flawless Shareholders meeting

Give yourself a leading advantage by making use of our quick, secure and accurate technology-based shareholder meeting solution.

For the Issuer (Reporting)

With the implementation of KING IV and it is requiring shareholder engagement when non-binding advisory resolutions on the remunerations receives less than 75% of voting in favor. Tracing underlying shareholders has become of utmost importance and concern. A full audit trail of identified voting activity is readily available, affording issuers greater transparency.

Other Functionalities

A messaging system directly between shareholder and issuer Instantaneous real time results, Clear and accurate reporting with a full audit trail enabling the entire process to undergo detailed scrutiny.

For Shareholders

Own-name and certificated shareholders will be provided with a link to vote their shares directly onto the system.

Electronic Voting Solutions

Our proxy voting and messaging system allows for instant accurate polls, expands the scope of shareholder engagement and provides issuers the opportunity to change the way they conduct shareholder meetings forever.

For Intermediaries (CSDP’s, Brokers and Asset Managers)

As things stand it is the responsibility of the CSDP, Broker or Asset manager to capture, process, audit and submit the votes for all their underlying shareholders. Why not, maximize your efficiency; simplify and streamline the process by moving to a paperless, secure and accurate proxy voting solution. As a CSDP, broker and Asset manager you will receive access to our systems and will distribute to your underlying shareholders to submit their voting instructions directly to you, automatically verifying these shareholders to your sub-register and tallying the total voting instructions received. It is however the responsibility of the CSDP, Broker and Asset manager to submit these votes to the issuer agent either directly on the system or generate a report to submit to any other agent who may not be using the system.

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Shareholder meetings is a time consuming, complex regulatory obligation and can be a burden for the issuer and shareholder on all levels alike. Why not give yourself the peace of mind and put your AGM in the hands of the specialist in this area (The Meeting Specialist).